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AppServer Monitoring

AppServer Monitoring

Typically, we create one resource to monitor all the AdminServer-managed brokers and the NameServer.

  1. Create a resource in etc/dblist.cfg named “myappsrv” with full db path = “-1” and monitored = yes.

    The etc/dblist.cfg app server entry format is: <appsrv_friendlyname>|-1|<host>|yes||

    e.g. myappsrv|-1|prdsrv|yes||
  2. Copy [PROTOPDIR]/etc/appsrv.cfg to [PROTOPDIR]/etc/appsrv.myappsrv.cfg

  3. Copy in the examples to create UBroker monitors:

    admin proadsv    "proadsv      -q 2>&&1"
    ns nsAcme "nsman -i &1 -q 2>&&1"
    apsv asAcme "asbman -i &1 -q 2>&&1"
    ws wsAcme "wtbman -i &1 -q 2>&&1"

    Note the “&&1” in the command text. This is to prevent the 4gl from considering the “&1” as a substitution parameter.

    If the AdminServer is not listening on the default port, add “-port [portNum]” to each command

    Valid values for the first column are:

    Value Description
    admin and proadsv for the AdminServer
    ns or nsman for the NameServer
    apsv or asbman for AppServers
    sonic or adaptman for Sonic
    ws or wtbman for Webspeed brokers
  4. Copy [PROTOPDIR]/etc/pt3agent.cfg to [PROTOPDIR]/etc/pt3agent.myappsrv.cfg

  5. Comment out the existing ptInitDC line

  6. Add the following line:

    ptInitDC "AppSrvStatus" 
  7. Start ProTop Real-Time (chui):

    bin/protop myappsrv 
  8. You will not see much right away, use the "A" command to display your AppServer activity. See ProTop RT - "Classic" App Servers (A) for more information

  9. Validate that data is flowing to the web portal by checking the AppServer ProTop Trends page. As soon as one data point is uploaded, graphs will be created for each of the lines in appsrv.myAppSrv.cfg

Using Other Languages? For example:

FRENCH - If the AppServer is being used in French, you will need to rename etc/translate.cfg.french to etc/translate.cfg