Release Notes - Dashboard V30

Change Public release note
feature New storage statistics dashboard
  • Data and bi size summary
  • Growth rate estimation
  • To Watch section for fixed extent allocation, table fragmentation, index utilisation
  • Top 10 areas by size, net growth and growth % for area, tabkes, indexes and LOBs
feature New interactive database availability dashboard (only works in Portal V4)
  • Shows 52 weeks of availability % and down time for individual or combined resources
  • Ability to zoom in a particulat week/resource
  • Shows unplanned only
  • Shows list of outage with the possibility of editing planned status and comments
bugfix Various fixes to dashboard launcher code (ptdash.js) to account for missing some data collector data
bugfix Telegraf dashboiards displays wrong host when telegraf is not installed which is misleading (now didplay blank panels)
bugfix Some fields are now shown in the configuration dashboard due to mispelled names.
enhancement Telegraf dashboard for Unix and Windows have been streamlined to show same information
enhancement New PRO2 and CDC panels were added to the table & index statistics dashboard
enhancement Telegraf bow shows multiple filesystems
enhancement Host name npw displayed in info box
enhancement Many UI fixes (fonts, transparency, legenfs, titles) in all dashboards for a better consistency