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AppServer Monitoring

How to configure a ProTop agent to monitor all of the OE components that support your application server.

Typically, we configure one ProTop agent to monitor all the AdminServer-managed brokers and the NameServer running the server.  This cuts down on overhead (memory and CPU consumption) and reduces the number of client licenses required to monitor an application. 
  1. Create an agent definition in etc/dblist.cfg for your classic app server,  Give it a friendly name that is meaningful to you, e.g., appsrv1, with full db path = “-1” and monitored = yes.

    # The etc/dblist.cfg app server entry format is: <appsrv_friendlyname>|-1|<host>|yes||

  2. Copy [PROTOPDIR]/etc/appsrv.cfg to [PROTOPDIR]/etc/appsrv.appsrv1.cfg

  3. Create a line to that config file for each app server component you want ProTop to monitor. For example:

    admin proadsv    "proadsv      -q 2>&&1"
    ns nsAcme "nsman -i &1 -q 2>&&1"
    apsv asAcme "asbman -i &1 -q 2>&&1"
    ws wsAcme "wtbman -i &1 -q 2>&&1"

    Note the “&&1” in the command text. This prevents the 4gl from considering the “&1” as a substitution parameter.

    If the AdminServer is not listening on the default port, add “-port [portNum]” to each command

    Valid values for the first column are:

    Value Description
    admin and proadsv for the AdminServer
    ns or nsman for the NameServer
    apsv or asbman for AppServers
    sonic or adaptman for Sonic
    ws or wtbman for Webspeed brokers
  4. Copy [PROTOPDIR]/etc/pt3agent.cfg to [PROTOPDIR]/etc/pt3agent.appsrv1.cfg

  5. Comment out the existing ptInitDC line

  6. Add the following line:

    ptInitDC "AppSrvStatus,OSInfo,df" 
  7. Start ProTop Real-Time (chui) to verify that the configuration is correct:

    protop appsrv1 
  8. You will not see much immediately; use the "A" command key to display your AppServer activity. See ProTop RT - "Classic" App Servers (A) for more information.

  9. By now, the dbmonitor service should have started a pt3agent for your appsrv1 and begun sending data to the ProTop Portal.  

  10. Log on to the portal and click your new appsrv1 resource name to open its ProTop Trends. This should take you to the "Application Servers" trend dashboard.  If it does not, edit the resource and select the appropriate dashboard from the Default Chart dropdown.

Using Other Languages? For example:

FRENCH - If the AppServer is being used in French, you will need to rename etc/translate.cfg.french to etc/translate.cfg