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Automated Script Responses

For any line in [PROTOPDIR]/etc/alert.[*].cfg, if the keyword “script” is included in the alert action list, ProTop will search for and execute the script named [PROTOPDIR]/bin/[metricName] if found.

ProTop will then send an additional alert to the portal containing the output of that script. This will occur in addition to any other items in the action list for that alert.

NOTE: At the moment, on Windows, you need two files in bin.  One file named for the metric (it can be empty) and a bat file named for the metric that does the work you want done. So, e.g. bin\otrx and bin\otrx.bat.

CAREFUL: The spelling and case must match the Alertable Metric Name found on the Alertable Metrics pages.

For example, to have ProTop run a script that you wrote, which provides more information about the state of the lock table when this alert is fired, add this line to your [PROTOPDIR]/etc/alert.[*].cfg:

lkTableSize num > 500000 "" "daily" "&1 &2 &3" script,alert 

This says when the lkTableSize exceeds 500000, ProTop will look for and execute [PROTOPDIR]/bin/lkTableSize (notice, no file name extension), passing in these parameters:

  • $1=metricName
  • $2=friendlyName
  • $3=full path DB
  • $4=metricValue

It will then send an alert to the portal containing the output of your script. It will also send the normal "alert" to the portal.

You can view the output of your script (script result:) in the portal by hovering over the alert entry in the ProTop Alerts Dashboard:

lkTableSize example