BigB Guesstimator (B)

See (guesstimate) the effects of increasing/decreasing the number of memory blocks assigned to the database buffers.

NOTE: You will get better results if you sample for a longer period.  ProTop RT defaults to 10-second samples which can have quite a lot of variation from sample to sample.  Try at least 60 seconds for starters.  Use the ";" command key to set the monitoring interval in seconds. 

ProTop RT Label Description
Pct Percentage of data blocks, with 100% indicating the current -B value
BigB (-B) Number of memory blocks assigned at database server process startup
BigB (GB) Amount of memory assigned to database buffers as expressed in gigabytes
DB Size (GB) Database size in gigabytes
% DB Size Amount of memory, in gigabytes, as a percentage of the size of the database
Hit:1 The number of database reads from buffers per single disk read. "999999" means no OS reads.
Miss% Number of record reads from disk as a percentage of all reads
Hit% Number of record reads from memory buffers as a percentage of all reads
OS Reads Number of OS reads fetching records from the database
Note Points to the current value of -B

*This panel is not alertable per se. ProTop monitors and alerts for Hit% by default.

With the commercial version of ProTop, you can configure alerts based on metric names. For a complete list of metrics, see the Alertable Metrics section.