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Automated Health Check - configuration

How to run and automate ProTop health checks for your databases.

Database health checks can be executed by running:

[PROTOPDIR]/bin/hc.sh[bat] [friendlyName]

They can also be run from your cron/task scheduler.

NOTE:  hc.sh is not compatible with foreachdb.sh at present.

The default health check runs for 30 minutes and should be run during the busiest regular business hours. It is best to have a recent database analysis in [PROTOPDIR]/dbanalys (not run during business hours!).

The most recent health check report is uploaded to the web portal and accessed from the ProTop Dashboard by right-clicking the resource of interest in the Resources window and selecting Health Check from the menu.

hc.sh[bat] optionally takes three additional parameters:

$2=sample interval (default 300 seconds), 
$3=number of samples, default 5, and
$4=db.lg log file look back (how far back in the db.lg to scan for database health issues), default is 7 days

hc.sh[bat] checks the activity and configuration of many major subsystems (if you use them) and reports where they are out of bounds, including:

  • Remote Servers
  • LOBs
  • Big B Usage
  • Storage Areas Configuration
  • Table
  • Replication
  • Resource Waits
  • Sequence
  • Latch
  • After Imaging
  • Network Activity
  • Broker Configuration
  • Use of Tables by Users
  • PRO2
  • SQL
  • Transactions
  • Secondary Buffer Usage (B2)
  • CDC Queue
  • Checkpoints
  • File IO
  • Application Servers
  • User IO
  • BIWs
  • AIWs
  • APWs
  • and others ...

hc.sh[bat] produces the following output:

  1. A log file in [PROTOPDIR]/healthcheck.*.log
  2. Alerts, which are sent to the ProTop Portal
  3. The Health Check report, which is sent to the portal as mentioned above
  4. [PROTOPDIR]/bin/idxcompact.*.sh[bat], which can be scheduled to run from your cron/scheduler - only useful for larger databases and databases that have not been recently reorganized (see below)
  5. DB Analysis and Review Reports (also produced by ^r) in the [PROTOPDIR]/rpt directory


Should any of the indexes in your ProTop monitored databases need to be compacted after running [PROTOPDIR]/hc.sh[bat], you will see a report in [PROTOPDIR]/rpt named friendlyName.idxcompact.rpt listing the indexes that need to be compacted. You will also see a script in [PROTOPDIR]/bin named idxcompact.*.sh[bat] containing a command line for each index that needs to be compacted. You can run that script manually or tweak it to your needs and run it from a scheduler. The script can be run anytime you have resource bandwidth as idxcompact only locks 1-3 index blocks at a time, allowing for other simultaneous read/write activity on the index.