Modify Sort Columns (^)

Modify Sort Columns (^)


By default, the sort column of various ProTop panels can be modified using this screen. Scroll down to the line representing the panel-of-interest (ex.: Table Actvity) then use the cursor-left and cursor-right keys to select the sort field.

Column Description
1 ProTop panel name
2 Temp table name (see source code in dc/ subdirectory)
3 Available sort fields
4 Sort direction: ascending (Up) or descending (Down)

Use Cursor-Up & Cursor-Down to select the ProTop panel.

Use Cursor-Left or "<" & Cursor-Right or ">" to cycle through the available sort columns.

"+" or "^" to sort Up (Ascending).
"-" or "v" to sort Down (Descending).

F1 or ^X to save.
F4 or ^E to abort.