Release Notes 3.14

Release Notes 3.14

-1) In case you've skipped a few releases -- ProTop ChUI now requires a
minimum screen size of 160 columns by 48 rows -- 4x an old 80x24 green

0) Don't get used to this. Really. It is just a coincidence that these
release notes are getting created. You have been warned.

1) Added a column to the "s" (Remote Server IO) screen to show the -S
port that the server is associated with.

2) Also changed the "type" to reflect ABL, SQL or BOTH.

3) Fixed some issues with the occasional unexpected display of negative
numbers. These sometimes occur when certain integer fields overflow or
when an instance of a metric "changes hands". That is annoying but not
worth getting too excitied about -- the fix is just to actually show "-"
rather than letting the error (74) occur.

4) Made "zippy" less cowardly by adopting the standard mkFlag() routines.

5) Added a DLC age field to report the number of days old your Progress
release is.

6) Added code from Mike at Consultingwerk to add a Windows registry entry
recording the install directory. This simplifies integration of ProTop
with 3rd party tools such as the Smart Component Library Desktop. (Only
works with oe11+.)

7) Further simplification to enabling session temp-table information aka
lib/ttinfo.p, by removing the need to modify lib/ttdebug.i and by renaming
the environment variable from "PTDEBUG" to "TTDEBUG". Now you only need to
set the -tt* parameters in etc/ and TTDEBUG=yes in bin/localenv.

8) Added LatchReq (latch requests) and Lat2LogRd (latches to logRd ratio)
to the dashboard.

9) Added con_BlockRec and con_BlkOther to distinguish between connections
blocked on record locks vs connections blocked by internal resource
contention. Record locking issues are generally coding problems while
resource contention is more of a DB and OS tuning situation.

10) Modified "programmer mode" (control-p) to toggle back and forth and
to display "programmerMode" among the indicators found in the upper left
part of the screen when it is enabled.

11) Modified the -*rangesize checking routine to write suggested values
to $TMPDIR/$ to make it easier for people to copy them
to their startup parameters.

12) Added SKIPLGSCAN=yes to bin/localenv.x if you'd like to skip the
scanning of the .lg file at startup. Post oe11.5 it _should_ be redundant,
prior to that the impact might be that some startup parameter values may
not be available any other way.

13) Replaced the conversion of an internalProDataSet to JSON/XML when
passing data to the UI (lib/dynscreen.p) and the subsequent re-conversion
back to a ProDataSet. This eliminates the need for the ptdefs/*.xsd files,
improves UI performance somewhat and reduces memory usage.

14) Enhanced the startup debugging messages for protop.p (the interactive
client) to help to identify the source of startup issues (if there are
any). You can change this at any time before or after starting a session
(even while running). For instance:

echo 3 > tmp/protop.s2k.dbg

will set the debugging level to 3 (which is more than enough for most
purposes). You must delete the tmp/protop.*.dbg file to return to the
normal default debug level.

You probably should not set this unless you have a craving for annoying
debug messages.

15) ESC-D will allow the debug level to be changed from within a
session. (I have no idea if that works with Windows -- DELETE-WORD is
the keyfunction used.) This will NOT be persisted but it may be useful
if change the startup debug level as described above and do not want to
modify the .dbg file for some reason.

16) Removed the "top blocker" sub-screen from blocked users because
a) it was wrongly labelled -- it was actually the *blocked* session's
stack and b) the blocker info was added to the notes some time ago
so the need just isn't there and c) it takes up a lot of space for no
good reason.

17) Improved interoperability of bin/ and bin/maintenance.*

18) Released as pt3.14 in honor of pi day. Plus I was running out of
letters to mark minor releases with ;)