Release Notes 3.141

Release Notes 3.141

-1) In case you've skipped a few releases -- ProTop ChUI now requires a
minimum screen size of 160 columns by 48 rows -- 4x an old 80x24 green
screen. 160x72 is even better but feel free to add as many rows as you
can manage. I usually use 90 or so and I have tested up to 267 - it's
amazing what you can fit on a portrait-mode 4k monitor :)

0) Don't get used to this. Really. It is just a coincidence that these
release notes are getting created. You have been warned.

1) Updated db startup parameter discovery to accomodate the purging of
_Startup and _Statbase with oe12.

2) Modified the r-code build process to not compile lib/setpt3dir.p. The
build is executed on Linux but that code contains Windows specific
pre-processors which (obviously on retrospection) fail if you compile on
Linux. The solution is to provide xcoded source for that program rather
than r-code. (Source code deployments are not impacted.)

3) Fixed an issue with formatting the messages.cfg download command.

4) Modified bin/ to no longer bark when it is overwritten by
extracting an update tar file on top of itself (shell scripts hate that
for some reason). If you see an error at the end of just
run it again. That will very likely cure the problem.

4a) bin\pt3upd.bat also complains when the downloaded version differs from
the old on-disk version. I have not found an elegant solution to that. As
above, just run it again. If it doesn't complain the 2nd time then there is
nothing to worry about.

5) Fixed a problem with etime exceeding the size of an integer in

6) Fixed a problem with non-default -basetable and -baseindex resulting
in incorrect table and index stats in releases prior to oe11.7

7) Some minor adjustments to screen formatting here and there.

8) Fixed naming when creating tmp/ if a full path is
passed via -param rather than a "friendly name".

9) Added logRd to logWr ratio to dashboard, reordered the left most column
a bit.

10 Slightly reordered the right most dashboard column (connections).

10) Added a new data collector for Pro2. The "2" command will display
data about Pro2 and adding "Pro2Activity" to pt3agent.cfg will send that
data to the portal for trending purposes.

11) Added LOB activity (LOB data is not available prior to OE12)

12) Re-mapped some keys:

- "AppServer data" from "@" to "A".
- "Generate DBAnalys" from "A" to "!".
- "Switch between Raw and Rate" from "R" to "%"
- "Switch between Auto and On-Demand Sampling from "S" to "$"
- "Send Screen Capture as e-mail" from "M" to "@"
- "Change Lock Limit" from "^" to ")"
- "Set Top X Row Limit" from "Z" to "("
- "Change Sort Columns" from "z" to "^"
- "Set Refresh Interval" from "I" to ";"
- "Clear Client Statment Cache" from "C" to "_"
- "Latches etc" from "l" to "w" (think "waits")
- "Who" from "w" to "W"
- assigned "LOB activity" to "l"
- assign "oddball notes" to "o"
- assign client/server parameter report to "3"

13) Instructed the profiler code not to be bothered by PRF file version 3.

14) Added a field for syncIO expressed as megabytes/sec.

15) Fixed user table and index activity issues when non-default base and
range are in use on the "U" screen.

16) Added new fields for user locks, lock HWM, TRX activity, -Bp usage and
more to "U" (user info). Also re-aligned screen.

17) Removed unnecessary internal temp-table indexes to improve performance.

18) Fixed an issue with "users of" tables or indexes inappropriately
remembering the history of tables and indexes being examined.

19) Fixed an issue with non-existent "use an existing custId" program flow
at install time.

20) Fixed some problems with OS Info due to off-brand shells spewing
non-standard output for "ulimit -a".

21) Cleaned up some issues with user names and "flags" on the uio screen

22) Fixed a problem with settings via the "%" command needing two
iterations before they would "stick".

23) Fixed a Windows localization issue with options to WMIC when getting
"df" data.