Release Notes 3.3i

Release Notes

0) Don't get used to this. It may not become a habit ;)

1) Improved keystroke handling to try to eliminate "lost" keys.

2) A side effect of this is that the double-refresh when the
sample mode is "On-Demand" (the "S" command) has been eliminated.

3) Modified the "R" command to permit fine grained selection
of both sampling style (Interval/Cumulative/Raw) and data
presentation (Rate vs Summary). The default remains to show
most metrics as the RATE during the INTERVAL.

4) The top left corner displays some useful information. For instance:

s2k Auto Interval Rate JSON 15470 4732 0.303

The fields are:

a) "Short name": if you started ProTop with a name from etc/dblist.cfg it
will be shown here.

b) Sampling method: (Auto or OnDemand) -- Auto means that an interval timer
is being used, OnDemand means that you must press "space" to get a new
sample. Use "S" to change this.

c) Metric display: (Interval/Cumulative/Raw) -- metrics are measured in the
interval or since ProTop started or the raw value since the db started. Use
the "R" command to modify this.

d) Metric style: (Rate/Summary) -- metrics are presented as a rate or just
as the underlying value. Use the "R" command to modify this.

e) Data is passed from the data collector to the UI as JSON or XML. The
"X" command can be used to change this.

f) The size of the JSON or XML.

g) The size of the dataset once it is extracted from the JSON or XML.

h) The time required to gather and transmit the data in seconds.

The second line is the db logical name followed by logical reads and os
reads performed by the protop data collector -- this information is to help
identify situations where ProTop itself is causing unexpected database
activity. (The middle of the line is the db physical name and the right
hand side is the server name.)

5) Profiler support added: The "y" key will enable profiling of the ProTop
session. A second "y" toggles profiling off and reports on the results.
This is for internal performance tuning but the lib/zprofiler.p code may be
interesting to people.