Release Notes 3.3j

Release Notes 3.3j

0) Don't get used to this. It may not become a habit. I have done it twice
in a row now though -- so there is some small hope ;)

1) Added "no-error" to netstat data collector to fix some issues with that.

2) Added "levels" to index activity. Modified lib/getdba.p to parse index
levels from dbanalys.

3) Added "rm chain" to table activity. Modified lib/getdba.p to parse rm
chain info from dbanalys.

4) Modified lib/install.p to properly prompt for unknown ("?") custId
rather than "blank".

5) Modified util/pt3web.p to reflect a more sensible set of data collectors
for the batch data collector. Renamed util/pt3web.p to util/pt3agent.p

6) Added "numBI" and "dbBkUpFull" fields (number of active BI clusters and
seconds since last full backup) to dc/dashboard.p and adjusted some display
formats. Data is not yet on the screen.

7) Updated and improved dc/apsv.p

8) Added a bunch of .cfg files to etc in an effort to reduce hard coded
values in programs. Also added README.cfg to describe those.

9) Made "friendlyName" the only unique key in etc/dblist.cfg. This allows
you to have multiple aliases for a db.

10) Fiddled with the naming of log files and so forth.

11) Horsed around with the auto-update feature.

- bin/ (or .BAT) should now check for updates and
download them if they are available.

- if it is running util/dbmonitor.p will do so automatically.

- auto-update uses the contents of etc/deploy.cfg to figure
out if you are a "src", "rx" (xcode) or some sort of r-code
site in order to avoid breaking your install.

This still depends on me putting update packages on the website. I may
very well make new releases available for manual download before the
auto-update package is available.

12) Fixed a problem with dc/df.p that makes it appear as if ProTop is hung
if you startup while a filesystem is hung. In some situations any process
that touches a hung filesystem will also hang. So the initial os-command to
get "df" data is now deferred until you use the "D" command to bring it up.
This makes it very obvious where the problem is. 12a) also added "-l" to
Linux "df" command but this may not be available on every platform and in
some cases may not be desireable as the remote mounts may be important to