Release Notes 3.3n

Release Notes 3.3n

0) Don't get used to this. Really. It is just a coicidence that these are
getting created.

1) Fixed the "A" command to create dbanalys/friendlyName.dba rather than

2) Added etc/crontab* to the install tailoring process.

3) Renamed the various "here documents" used when screen-scraping PROMON
to follow an etc/promon.* naming convention.

4) Consolidated the various backend server names and established a default
value so that etc/protop.cfg does not need to be updated.

5) Eliminated the use of etc/email.cfg -- mailcmd is now in etc/protop.cfg
and the Windows COM interface is no longer used.

6) Fixed screen width issues on the "User Info" screen and added missing
columns to Session Index Activity

7) Enhanced replication agent monitoring (the "r" screen) to work on both
source and target. (The target will only report its own data.)

8) Fixed a bug with etime() overflowing.

9) Fixed a bug in the install logic that was preventing etc\protop.ini
from being tailored for Windows.

10) Added bin/localenv for safe local environment extensions

11) Fixed some bugs related to detecting "stale" flag files

12) Accomodated proxy servers