PASOE Information (j)

This article details the PASOE Information panel found in ProTop Real-Time.

ProTop RT Label Alertable Metric* Description
Instance Name   Name of the PASOE instance
App Name   Name of the PASOE-based application
Status appStatus <> 200 means the instance is not responding  as configured
Memory (MB) memoryUse MB of Memory in use by this App
Min memSessMin minimum memory used by a session
Max memSessMax maximum memory used by a session
Ave memSessAvg average memory used by a session
CurrCnx currCnx counter; current connections to the database(s)
MaxCnx maxCnx counter; reset when the instance restarts
CurrSess currSessions counter; current sessions
Requests requests per second
Reads reads per second
Writes writes per second
RdErr rdErr counter; read errors
WrErr wrErr counter; write errors

*Requires data collector "pasoeInfo" in pt3agent.cfg. With the commercial version of ProTop, you can configure alerts using the metric names in this column. For a full list of metrics, see the Alertable Metrics section.