1. White Star Software
  2. Advanced Alerting Configuration



In pt3.1415+ you will find in the default etc/schedule.cfg an uncommented entry for util/pt3clean.p:

2 0 * * 0 bpro -p util/pt3clean.p > ${PTTMP}/pt3clean.err 2>&1 & 

This entry will execute weekly on Sunday 2 minutes after midnight unless changed or overridden by a customized etc/schedule.[*].cfg. This utility is designed to manage files regularly and occasionally produced by Protop and its various utilities and processes. Left unchecked some of these files will continue to grow and grow.

The procedure follows these major steps:

  1. Stop the Protop processes on this server to close all open Protop files to allow them to be truncated.
  2. Remove junk and/or truncate growing files in the Protop tmp directory.
  3. Remove all files ending with “.log” from the Protop log directory.

    NOTE: Do keep this in mind should you decide to create log files here.

  4. Remove miscellaneous junk files from the Protop installation directory.

  5. Restart the Protop processes, either directly or by waiting for your scheduled event to run the dbmonitor process.