OE Replication Agents (r)

OE Replication Agents (r)

Monitors OpenEdge Replication agents.

ProTop RT Label Alertable Metric* Description
Agent agentName Specifies the OpenEdge Replication agent name. By convention, the agent-name should match the name specified in the source database properties file.
Method agenntMethod Lists the replication method: asynchronous or synchronous
Host remoteHost Lists the host name or IP Address on which the target database associated with the remote agent resides
Port remotePort Current port in use
Status agentStatus Shows agent processing information. See Status below
CommStat agentCommStat Agent's Communication Status. The OpenEdge Replication agent's TCP communication status: 1 — Connected        2 — Disconnected
Blks Sent blksSent Number of blocks sent from the server
Blks ACK blksACK Number of blocks acknowledged
Last Block lastBlk Number of the last block processed
Trx Lag lagTime Time, in seconds, the replication server is behind the source database
Remote DB Name remoteDBName Database name of the target database

*Requires data collector "ReplAgent" in pt3agent.cfg. With the commercial version of ProTop, you can configure alerts using the metric names in this column. For a full list of metrics, see the Alertable Metrics section.

Status Table

Status Description
Normal processing The server and the agent are performing normal processing
Initial connection The agent is waiting for the initial connection from the server
Startup synchronization The server and the agent are synchronizing
Initialization The agent is being initialized by the server
Initial connection failed The server could never connect to an agent
Invalid target database configuration Something in the target database does not match the source
Agent terminated The target database shut down or the agent terminated using Terminate agent
Online backup of Target Database An online target database backup is being performed
Recovery synchronization Recovery synchronization is being performed
Recovery failed Failure recovery was unsuccessful
Unknown The agent is in an unknown state