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The ProTop scheduler configuration can be used to instruct the DBMonitor process to execute tasks. The file follows Unix cron syntax, with the addition of the “[NOALERT]” modifier. By default, an information (blue) alert is uploaded to the ProTop web portal when a scheduled process is executed. The addition of this parameter prevents that upload. Read the top of the scheduler.cfg file for more detail.

Note: If you do not already have a localized version, copy etc/schedule.cfg to etc/schedule.[*].cfg. e.g. etc/schedule.yourCustId.cfg or etc/schedule.yourServerName.cfg. Edit your localized file and not the original etc/schedule.cfg file, which is overwritten at each update of ProTop.


As found in [PROTOPDIR]/etc/schedule.cfg, foreachdb.sh will execute the given command against listed databases that are in etc/dblist.cfg AND which have the “monitor” flag set to “yes” AND which belong to the current server.

The -param is supposed to be the command to run, not the list of databases. The command will be fed the dbPath and friendlyName and it is assumed that they are in that order.

See this article on using the Scheduler to Keep your ProTop Installation Up to date.