SQL Activity (Q)

SQL activity (Q)

img00100 Monitors SQL sessions activity

ProTop RT Label Alertable Metric* Description
Usr# userNum Database User connection number
Name userName Name associated with Usr#
PID userPID OS Process ID
Flags userFlags Activity flags (see table below for values)
Blk Ac dbAccess Number of database blocks accessed, both reads and writes
OS Rd osReads Number of record reads from the OS (disk)
OS Wr osWrites Number of record writes to the OS (disk)
Hit% hitRatio Number of record reads from memory buffers expressed as a percentage of all record reads
Rec Lck recLks Number of record locks held by the query
Lck HWM lkHWM Lock table concurrent locks high water mark
CSC Age lastUpd If enabled, the number of seconds since the user's Client Statement Cache (CSC) was last updated
SQL Query procName Name of the SQL query being run

*Requires data collector "SQLActivity" in pt3agent.cfg. With the commercial version of ProTop, you can configure alerts using the metric names in this column. For a full list of metrics, see the Alertable Metrics section.

Flag values

Flag Description
S Shared memory client
R Remote client
L Login broker
@ Server
H Helper
O Other
4 4GL Client
W Webspeed client
B Batch client
A Application server
X Unknown
* Transaction active
d Disconnecting
r Undo or error
I STOP or Ctrl-c
N- Notification pending
-N Notification in process
NN Notification pending and in process