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This script measures unbuffered disk write performance, similar to database writes to the BI file.

This is done by timing the execution of a bigrow of a 96 MB BI file (6 clusters of 16 MB). It can be run manually or scheduled in schedule.cfg.

Trending: All ProTop agents will read $PROTOP/log/syncio.log and upload the last line to the ProTop web portal.

To add syncIO to schedule.cfg

  1. Edit etc/schedule.[sitename].cfg
  2. remove comment for syncio.[bat/sh] line
  3. Add the disk/path where the dbs are located, and make sure you have write permission.



5,20,35,50 * * * syncio.sh /db/tmp >> ${PTTMP}/tasksched.err 2>&1 [NOALERT] 


5,20,35,50 * * * cmd /c syncio.bat >> %TMPDIR%\tasksched.syncio.err 2>&1 & [NOALERT]