View Reports (v)

view reports (v)


This program allows you to view reports on your monitor. It does NOT generate the reports, just allows you to view them.

File: Enter the name of the report(s) you wish to select from. Wildcards can be used to generate a list of reports in the "Files" box. Hit Tab to enter the "Files" box

Files: Box with a report list generated by the entry in "File". Use the arrow keys to navigate to the report you wish to view. Hit Return to select the report.

Select <OK> to view the report. Select <Cancel> to return to the previous screen.

In the Report Viewer Screen

In the lower left corner of the screen, the name of the file you are viewing is displayed along with its directory path.

? will bring up a help box, showing you how to navigate within the report

'x' or 'q' will exit the report display and return you to the view reports screen.