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Portal Administration: Defining a server resource for your Telegraf metrics

This article covers the steps used to make it easier to view your server component metrics gathered by Telegraf.

Unlike other metrics, statistics for the server component of your database application are not gathered by ProTop.  Server metrics are gathered and reported to the ProTop Portal by installing and running the Influxdb Telegraf agent. See Server Metrics - Telegraf for more details on installing and running Telegraf. 

When you have Telegraf running, you can access your server metrics in ProTop Portal Trends in a few ways.  First, log in to the portal, then ...

1. Click on the Trend Data icon on the left side menu:

a. Select the site that contains the server you are interested in from the first dropdown.

b. Select from the second dropdown one of the resources you know run on that server.

c. Select Server from the last dropdown.

2. Click the name of any resource in the Resources window in the Alerts Dashboard that you know resides on the server you are interested in. This will bring up the default Trend dashboard for that resource. Select Server from the last dropdown menu.

3. Right-click a resource line and select Trend Data from the pop-up menu. Then select Server from the last dropdown.

4. And for the easiest way, simply click the resource name in the Resources window for the server whose metrics you are interested in.  When you click that resource name, you are taken directly to the Server dashboard for that resource.

"But hey, I don't see a resource named for my server!" you say?  Well, let's fix that.

Follow these steps to create a shortcut to your Server statistics:

1. Click the Resources icon in the left side menu:

2. Click the Add Resource button in the upper left:

The Add Resource dialog appears:

3. Select your site.

4. In the Name field, enter your server name.

5. Select "Operating System" from the Type dropdown. If the portal recognizes the name you entered as a server for which it has Telegraf data, it will populate the Server Name field with the same value. If not, be sure to add it there as well.

6. Give your new resource a description, such as "Click this resource name to be brought directly to the Trend Data - Server metrics dashboard for this server."

7. Click the Submit button.

Your new resource will appear in the list of resources here and in the Alerts Dashboard - Resources window:

Click the server name you just created to be brought directly to the Server dashboard in ProTop Trend Data: