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Portal Logs

All about portal server logs in the new ProTop portal. This feature is viewable by superadmins only.

Portal logs in the new portal are accessed by clicking the Portal Logs icon in the left side menu:

When you arrive, the default view displays messages of level “error” and “info”.

The four buttons (error, warning, info, debug, and http) are toggles. Selecting any combination of those toggles will include logs of those log levels.

While all logs can be found under /data/logs/human_friendly, the portal uses files located under /data/logs/json.

Files located under /data/logs/json include _all_ log levels and are in JSON format. They are meant to be used by the portal for serving the Portal Logs screen. Files located under /data/logs/human_friendly are meant to be consumed by humans and are categorized by log level.