Release Notes 315


Change Public release note
versioning New version numbering scheme: this release is ProTop 315. From now on, each ProTop version number will be a single integer and they will increase monotonically. The next release will be ProTop 316, etc.
packaging ProTop deployment packaging:
We no longer have separate deployment packages for each point release of OpenEdge. The packaging has been simplified so there are now only two package options: Windows (.zip file) or Unix (.tar.gz).
Each package contains four versions of the ProTop r-code, in procedure libraries:
- (OE 10.x 32-bit r-code)
- (OE 10.x 64-bit r-code)
- (OE 11.x r-code)
- (OE 12.x r-code)
The appropriate PL for the environment is added to the ProTop propath by the installer.
The packages also contain x-coded source for the dc, lib, and util directories. The non-core libraries (rp2017, s2k_demo, and spawn) are still distributed as plaintext source.
The source code for the core libraries is packaged separated
feature/bugfix Enhancements, refactoring, and bug fixes related to object-access (CRUD) statistics:
- corrected the logic for calculating the range of monitored tables & indexes when the bases are negative
- added lib/utblstats.p as a simple example of how to use lib/usertablestats.p
- improved the explanatory text when lib/xrange.p displays results
- added highlighting for unmonitored tables and indexes to lib/xrange.p
- fixed dc/config.p to determine the deployment type more reliably
feature Added the commit hash to the ProTop version string.
feature Added an updated CA certificate to the certs directory, for sites where the agents communicate with the portal via HTTPS.
feature Modified to reduce the memory utilization in temp-table buffers (-Bt).
feature Added a "memAvailable" metric to the OS information in Linux.
feature Added CDC Queue Monitor, hotkey = “C”. Monitors the list of _cdc-table-policy policies showing the newest and oldest entry per policy plus the queue depth and lag time.
Using the table-policy rather than assuming cdc_* as a table name is more flexible as it covers both non-default naming schemes and “minimum” configuration (which does not create shadow tables).
feature Improved the reliability of reporting some primary broker parameter values in older databases that lack an _DbParams VST (typically pre-11.5). Fixed parameters include -hash (and thus -hash%), -pica, -recspacesearchdepth, -DbCheck, and -MemCheck.
feature Added information about free disk space to the alert body for the fsPctUsed, inPctUsed, and osWr alerts.
feature Made a change to facilitate trending of Pro2 queues in the ProTop web portal.
feature Added a function to the installer to determine if the AVM is in a 32-bit or 64-bit process.
(Thanks to Jeff Ledbetter of Roundtable Software!)
feature Disabled downloadable update scripts.
feature Renamed to
feature Added filtering capability to the UserIO browser to facilitate analysis of a subset of connection types in a database with a large user count. The shortcut key is "3". The user can specify comma-separated lists of connection types to include or exclude. Exclusion takes precedence over inclusion.
feature Updated some proutil -C dbanalys command lines to include a "-Bp 10" parameter, to avoid polluting the buffer pool when running a dbanalysis.
feature Changes to the installation process:
- the installation now happens in the current directory ($PROTOP)
- the log, tmp, and rpt directories are subdirectories of $PROTOP
- deprecated inscfgvars.p
- improved logic and logging in install.p
- the Unix install script was renamed from to pt3inst.
feature Improved the formatting of SQL statements in the lastStatement function in vstlib.p.
feature Added wstub/zOldTRXDetails.batx, for feature partity with Unix, to collect context info for aged transactions on Windows.
feature Suppress dbmonitor check for running pt3agents for remote resources.
feature Added "private_dirty" memory-use reporting on Linux.
feature Provided variables to adjust the frequency of checks (by dbmonitor) for new config files from the portal and for agents needing to respawn.
feature Updated estub/termcap (added limited color support for bin/uemacs).
feature Expanded width of xnote field and shrank the width of SAName.
feature Removed propath delimiter from envPRP and put it in the templates (protopenv, protop.ini) where it belongs.
feature Added propath to "&" (protop properties) screen to help debugging.
bugfix Rewrote protop.bat, which launches ProTop RT on Windows. Fixed a "fatal error" issue and cleaned up the code.
bugfix Fixed errors in the CDC data collector when the CDC database feature is not enabled.
bugfix Fixed vstlib.p so we now use the same lock table timeout logic in both the "fast" (11.4+) and "slow" branches.
bugfix Added a new variable "DFCMDI" to localenv.x; this can contain an alternative "df" command line to use for inode information, e.g. "df -pix"; also some related bug fixes.
bugfix Added a missing END statement in procedure check4upd.
bugfix Fixes in dashboard.p:
- corrected a bug in the dynamic find in _database-feature that prevented checkPICA from running and populating pica-related metrics
- use _DbServiceMgr if it is available
bugfix Fixed a bug in pro2qlen.p in the orphaned table logic.
bugfix Fixed the use of the PROCESS-ARCHITECTURE pre-processor on older releases where it is not available. In that case we now default to 32 bits.
bugfix Corrected the calculation of areaMaxPct in procedure getAreaVarInfo in vstlib.p.
bugfix Fixed Windows logic for finding the pt3agent in the process list, so it is the same as the Unix logic.
bugfix Improved some debugging messages and dbmonitor's logic for detecting running pt3agents on Windows.
bugfix Added MNTCMD variable to permit an alernate "mount" command for the df data collector. Also added logic to optionally disable the use of DFCMD or MNTCMD, and lastly added a sample for asynchronous use in cases where ordinary df might hang.