Release Notes - Dashboard V31

Change Public release note
feature New PASOE dashboard
  • Connection information
  • Memory usage summary
  • Summary read and write statistics for the instance
feature New main dashboard with new summary info box
  • The new main dashboard is a simplified version of the previous version, showing only the most important metrics
  •  A new summary info box shows important metrics and status, giving you a quick overview of the health of your database.
feature You can now have a better understanding of the metrics shown in the panels without referring to documentation.
bugfix Info line was obscured by panel title line
bugfix Telegraf Disk IO was not displaying all type of disks. added nvme
bugfix UDF fields align to right y-axis was broken. now all cf with suffix -r will be right-aligned
enhancement Appserver dashboard interval now 1 min (prev 5 min)
enhancement Old main dashboard is now Advanced dashboard
enhancement Some panels have good/ok/bad divisions
enhancement Some panels use a log scale
enhancement Better naming of some axis labels
enhancement Grafana was updated to 6.4.3