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Which Version of ProTop am I Running?

On occasion, you may need to know exactly which version of ProTop you are running, here's how.

Option 1: Start ProTop Real-Time (RT)

In all versions of ProTop you will see detailed version information in the center of the top line of ProTop Real-Time (red box below).  The version number (no build information) is seen in the ProTop logo shown below the version detail when you first start ProTop real-Time.  In this case the logo shows "ProTop 317":


Option 2: In versions prior to 315, beginning "3." you can examine the contents of:

  • PROTOPDIR/lib/ptversion.i, or
  • PROTOPDIR/lib/asof.i

Option 3: In versions starting with 315, you can examine the contents of:

  • PROTOPDIR/etc/ptlogo.txt

For example: