How to get the latest version of ProTop

pt3upd[.sh|.bat] is under re-construction and is therefore deprecated at the moment. Use the following steps to update your ProTop installations.

A. open a shell/cmd window and cd to your ProTop installation

B. remove any existing ProTop provided .p and .r files


find . -name ".[rp]" -type f -delete


del /s /q *.r
del /s /q *.p

C. Pull down the latest ProTop bits into your ProTop installation directory

wget HTTP://[your ProTop portal]/pt3upd/pt.[tar.gz|.zip]

for example:


wget HTTP://


wget HTTP://

D. expand the archive into your ProTop directory


gunzip pt.tar.gz

tar xf pt.tar


You may be able to use tar or some other form of cmd line tool:

 c:\protop> tar.exe -xf

Otherwise, use Windows Explorer to locate the in your ProTop installation directory, double-click it and expand all files into the same directory.

E. Run the installer

Interactively, execute: 


in your ProTop installation directory. Select the option to install for an existing custid and enter your custid when prompted (its in etc/custid.cfg).

Batch:  Set up your Progress environment using proenv, then execute this command. You will not be prompted for your custid:

 _progres -1 -b -p lib/install.p -errorstack >> log/update.log 2>> tmp/pt3inst.err

Automate the whole thing

Once you've worked through these commands manually to verify correctness, consider adding them to a script or batch file and running it from your scheduler on a regular basis.

Here is an example script for *nix:

# - temporarily replaces pt3upd to update this protop installation to the latest version

# CAVEAT EMPTOR - this is an example only, change and use at your own risk

PROTOPDIR=/usr/app/pt # change this to your ProTop installation directory

echo `date` updating ProTop to the latest version ...

# set up the current ProTop environment
. $PROTOPDIR/bin/protopenv


# back up any existing tar or gz files so as to not destroy anything
for arcfile in `ls *.tar *.gz 2>/dev/null`
  /bin/mv $arcfile $arcfile-bkp

# remove old code, ProTop no longer ships with .p or .r files, only .pl files
# so if there are any they are old and need to be removed as part of this update
/bin/find . -name ".[rp]" -type f -delete

# grab the latest bits
/usr/bin/wget HTTP://${PTUPD}/pt3upd/pt.tar.gz >> log/update.log 2>> tmp/pt3inst.err

/bin/gunzip *.gz

/bin/tar xf *.tar

# This code will read your etc/custid.cfg
_progres -1 -b -p lib/install.p -errorstack >> log/update.log 2>> tmp/pt3inst.err

echo " "
echo `date` update done
echo " "
echo check log/update.log and tmp/pt3inst.err if needed
echo " "

#### finis