Release Notes 322 (July 2022)

Public notes for ProTop release 322 including interim releases 320 and 321

Change Description

PASOE data collector ("j"):
- Added per-session min, max, average session memory stats and, number of sessions.
- Modified PASOE session memory stats to be in MB.
- Added some logging of timing information.
- Fixed a bug where we weren't setting minimum session memory correctly.
- Fixed a bug in the parsing of the instance app list.
- Fixed a bug where we may have sent negative counter values to the portal.
- Added some more logging and debugging logic to the PASOE data collector.
- Reduced the verbosity of PASOE debug messages at the default debug level.

feature Added a progressive timeout for socket waits in the HTTP client, to start at 1ms & double with each iteration up to 128ms (OE 11.x+).
feature Reduced some default alert noise:
- Don't alert on HR if there are fewer than 10000 logRds (logical reads).
- Don't PAGE on OSWr (high OS writes).
feature Updated the comments in estub/pt3agent.cfg to reflect all current data collectors.
feature Added hooks to the install script to run pre- or post-install scripts, if they exist, e.g. to back up the existing configuration, scripts, etc.
feature Made some improvements to the install program's PROPATH tailoring. It also removes any obsolete data collectors and old ProTop r-code.
feature Changed the default pica threshold in the default alert.cfg from "> 0" to "> 100".
feature Changed the way data collectors are named and called, eliminating the need for the programs to reside in the dc directory.
feature Various other code-hygiene, build, and deployment improvements.
feature Improved processing of command keystrokes.
feature Added a variable, SAMPLELIMIT=n, to localenv.
feature Updated the profiler support routines and examples, created an example of externally requesting ProTop RT to generate profiler data
feature Introduced a new stand-alone utility, lib/topxloc.p, to process a profiler output file and produce a report of the top X lines of code in terms of execution time. The syntax of how to run it can be found in the comment block at the start of the procedure.
bug Prevented the Windows installer from deleting tmp\* after downloading updates.
bug Changed the wording of fragPct (table fragmentation percentage) in the Healthcheck report to make it more accurate.
bug Removed the unnecessary con_wdog alert filter for Workgroup databases.
bug Corrected the counting logic for remote connections (con_remc) in the dashboard data collector ("d").
bug Updated the FAQ help (ctrl+f) to correctly describe top left of the screen.
bug Added the missing help entry "3" for User IO client-type filtering.
bug Fixed and simplified the initialization of data collectors and instantiation of ProTop library persistent procedures.
bug Fixed bugs in the Login Brokers data collector ("L") to address errors when running on OE 12.5+, and to ensure that the Cnx and Cnx% metrics are calculated correctly. Note that these metrics can only be calculated in OE 11.5+.
bug Fixed bugs in the HTTP client with COPY-LOB and UTF-8, and with long response messages.
bug Fixed alert filtering to correctly handle spaces embedded in string arguments.
bug Fixed the JSON handler so it uses longchars instead of chars. This eliminates our previous restriction on the length of a resource list.
bug Added error handling in lib/vstlib.p for FIND of VSTs and meta-schema even though they should always succeed (e.g. when there is a missing _dbstatus record).
bug Fixed inconsistent usage of lib/windows.p to initialize the availability of Windows kernel calls; this is now centralized in lib/protoplib.p.
bug Fixed the display of logical values in the server parameters report.
bug Cleaned up sendalert.bat.
bug Fixed a bug, introduced in v320, that prevented App Server Details pane from being displayed by the Classic App Server data collector.
bug Fixed a bug, introduced in v321, that prevented health check reports from being uploaded to the portal.
bug Fixed a bug where the PID display format was not wide enough (9 digits) for all platforms (e.g. AIX). This applies to the Active Transaction, App Server, Broker, and User Info data collectors.
bug Fixed a bug in the PASOE data collector that presented in a high volume configuration.