Release Notes 323 (March 2023)

Public release notes for ProTop 323

Change Description
feature Changed the default path for webget.p from /proxy.test to /ping
feature Added support for HTTP/1.1 connections between ProTop RT clients and the ProTop web portal
feature Added a text indicator in the screen header to identify the "environment" (dev, QA, prod etc); use the optional 3rd field in etc/background.cfg to define
feature Added the ability to detect window size changes and adjust the session geometry where possible.
Note: this feature should be considered experimental on Windows due to AVM limitations around window geometry.
feature Added our next phase of functionality for Multi-tenant Tables. For MT databases, we require dbanalys CSV files (-csoutput) in the dbanalys directory rather than the dbanalys report. Table and index activity statistics for partitioned schema objects are given for the entire object, not per partition; this is PSC's design decision.
feature Added the hotkeys '[' and ']' to switch between the predefined "light" and "dark" color schemes. We also replaced the bold+italic options with reverse and updated the default colors. NOTE: This feature should be considered experimental on Windows due to AVM limitations around colors.
bug fix Modified the startup logging of the socket library
bug fix Fixed the error handling in the socket library
bug fix Fixed a bug where we weren't correctly populating the schema cache when there is more than one _db record.
bug fix In the App Server data collector, we now correctly report the counts of Sending and Stuck app servers
bug fix Fixed a bug related to shrinking the screen too short so that browsers get truncated, but they are not properly expanded after re-growing the screen
bug fix Fixed syncio.bat/; they now only use the -zextendSyncIO option of proutil bigrow in supported releases (11.3+)'
bug fix Worked around an OE bug where v11 r-code compiled in 11.2+ that contains a sub-second PAUSE causes an 11.0 or 11.1 AVM to hang. In this case, we now use one-second pauses for compatibility.
bug fix
Fixed a bug where the PASOE data collector would not initialize properly in an AVM before 11.7. This data collector is only supported in 11.7 and later, so we now correctly skip the initialization of this DC in older v11 AVMs.