hasVar No variable Extent Alert vs After image extents

Alert being triggered when all after image extents are fixed sized.

Alert Text

hasVar |Best Practices|No|<>|yes|After Image Area 1


ProTop checks every storage area for the existence of a variable length extent. Since each after-image extent is considered a distinct storage area, the hasVar metric, if activated, will generate an alert for every AI extent.

Corrective action(s)

If your database exclusively uses variable length extents, you can disable this alert.

Otherwise, filter out the after image extents from the hasVar alert in the alert configuration file.

  1. Edit <PROTOP>/etc/alert.XYZ.cfg file
  2. Modify 
       hasVar char <> yes "" "daily" "No variable extent" alert
    hasVar char  <>   yes ""  "daily" "No variable extent" alert tt_area.SAName !begin "After"

There is no need to restart ProTop. The agents will pick up the changes after a few minutes. 

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