AppSrvStatus Data Collector

"AppSrvStatus" Data Collector

For a detailed discussion of these metrics, see "Classic" App Servers (A) and ProTop Trends - Application Servers

To set up an alert on a metric listed here, make note of the Data Collector name at the top of this page, the Alertable Metric and Data Type from the table below, and visit Alert Configuration.

Alertable Metric ProTop RT Label Data Type Description
tt_apsv, tt_apsvList     (temptable name)
apsvDBAccess Blk Acc num Number of Database Block Access Requests by this server
apsvLineNum Line# num If CSC is enabled, contains the line number of the program currently executing
apsvName Broker char The name of the broker as defined in that started this server
apsvOSRead OS Rd num Number of OS reads generated by this app server
apsvOSWrite OS Wr num Number of OS writes generated by this app server
apsvPID PID num Operating System Process ID
apsvPort Port num Port Number this app server is listening to
apsvProc Program Name char If CSC is enabled, contains the name of program currently executing
apsvReq Requests num The number of requests made of the application server
apsvSent   num The number of responses sent by the application server
apsvStatus Status char Many possible values. The most common are "Available," "Busy," "Locked" and "Sending."
apsvType Type char AppServer or WebSpeed Broker
apsvUsr Usr# num The database user number associated with the AppServer. Note that the AppServer may not be connected to the monitored database so this value could be "?"
apsvWait Wait char Lists what the user is waiting for, usually RECord. Followed by flags eXclusive, Queued, and/or Hold
asActCli ActCli num The current number of active client connections
asActive Actv num Number of running agent processes
asAvail Avail num Number of servers available to service requests
asAvgLen   num  
asAvgWt Avg Wt num  
asBusy Busy num Number of busy servers
asClUsePct Cli% num Number of active client connections as a percentage of maximum number of client connections allowed
asCommand   char  
asCurrQ CurrQ num The current request queue length
asLocked Lckd num Number of Locked Servers
asMaxCliInst MaxCli num Maximum number of client connections permitted
asMaxLen   num  
asMaxQ MaxQ num High water mark of requests in the queue
asMaxSrvInst MaxSrv num Maximum number of agents that the broker can start
asMaxWt Max Wt num Maximum number of waits this application server has experienced
asMode Mode char Stateless, State-free, State-reset or State-aware
asName Broker char Name of the broker as defined in
asNote   char  
asPid PID num Operating System Process ID
asPort Port num Listening Port Number
asSending Sndg num Number of sending servers
asSrUsePct Srvr% num Sum of Busy, locked and sending agents as a percentage of MaxSrv
asStuck Stuck num The number of agents whose status has not changed in the last 'x' minutes, where 'x' is configurable in $PROTOP/etc/localenv via the variable 'APPSRVSTUCK'
lastUpd CSC Age char If enabled, the number of seconds since the user's Client Statement Cache (CSC) was last updated
zasCliHWM   num This alertable field is not displayed and contains the high water mark of connected clients
zasSrInUse   num This alertable field is not displayed and contains the sum of busy, locked and sending agents
zosType   char The type of operating system the application server is running on