Configuration Data Collector

"Configuration" Data Collector

For a detailed discussion of these metrics, see ProTop Real-Time - Configuration Viewer (c) and ProTop Trends - Configuration Dashboard.

To set up an alert on a metric listed here, make note of the Data Collector name at the top of this page, the Alertable Metric and Data Type from the table below and visit Alert Configuration.

Alertable Metric ProTop RT Label Data Type Description
tt_Configuration     (temptable name)
afterImaging After-Imaging char Status of After-Imaging
aiArchiver AI Archiver char Status of After-Image archiving
aiAreas AI Areas num Number of After-Image areas defined
aiBlkSize AI Block Size num AI file block size in bytes
aiBuffers   num Specifies the number of after-image memory buffers
aiSeq AI Sequence# num Filled AI files since the database server process started
aiSettings AI Area Type char Types of AI files - Disabled, Fixed, Variable, or Mixed
aiSize   num  
aiStall -aistall char If all AI files are filled, suspends database activity until an AI extent is emptied
allocBlks Alloc Size num  
areaConfig Area Config char The type of database area configuration. Should be “Extended: type 2"
b2 -B2 num Size of alternative database server memory buffers in number of memory blocks
biBlkSize BI Block Size num BI file block size in bytes
biBuffers -bibufs num Specifies the number of before-image memory buffers
biClstrAge BI Clustr Age num Specifies the number of seconds before OpenEdge reuses a before-image cluster
biClstrSize BI Cluster Size num BI file cluster size in bytes
biDelay BI Delay (-Mf) num Value, in seconds, of the delay before the database engine synchronously writes to disk the last before-image file records at the end of each transaction
biIOMode BI IO (-r) char Indicates whether or not IO to the BI file is buffered. Don't use -r in ordinary circumstances
biSize BI Size num Size of the BI file in MB
biStall -bistall char Quiets the database when the recovery log threshold is reached, without performing an emergency shutdown
biThold -bihold num The maximum size, in bytes, to which recovery log files can grow before the database performs an emergency shutdown. Using the -bistall parameter with -bithold prevents the emergency shutdown; instead, the database ceases activity until the BI extent is emptied
bpMax -Bpmax num Maximum total number of client session private buffers
cnxPerServ Cnx/Srv (-Ma) num Maximum number of remote users per database server
cpInternal -cpinternal char Identifies the code page used in memory and for graphical clients
cpTerm -cpterm char Identifies the code page used for I/O with character terminals
db2PC   char Whether or not two-phase commit is enabled
dbaAge dbAnalys Age num Number of days since the last dbanlys was run
dbaAsOf dbanlys as of char Date the last dbanlys was run
dbaAsOfStr   char String version of date the last dbanalys was run
dbAuditing DB Auditing char Indicates the status of database auditing
dbBkUpAge Backup Age char String version of the elapsed time since the last full backup using probkup including days i.e. 10d 15:08. Will contain "Never!" if a backup has not occured. Third-party backups, OS backups, and incremental backups are not tracked.
dbBlkSize DB Block Size num Database block size in bytes
dbBuffers DB Buffers, -B num Size of database server memory buffers in number of memory blocks
dbCheck -DbCheck char Whether Database Consistency Check is enabled. When enabled, this option applies consistency checks to all index blocks and record blocks for record and index write operations
dbEmpty   num Unused database blocks
dbHost   char Name of the server running this database
dbIdxBld Index Rebuild char Indicates if an index needs to be rebuilt
dbIntegrity Crash Prot (-i) char Status of crash protection. (-i) startup parameter. Don't use -i in ordinary circumstances
dbLogName   char Database logical name assigned at client session startup
dbPhysName   char Physical name of the database
dbProVersion db Version char Version of Progress running this database
dbSHMFree   num Number of bytes available in shared memory segments
dbSHMpinned SHM Pinned char Indicates whether or not the database server has requested the operating system to avoid swapping shared memory. Ignored on Windows and AIX. See
dbSHMSeg # SHM Segs num Number of shared memory segments
dbSHMSegSize SHM Seg Sz num Maximum number of bytes in a shared memory segment
dbSHMSize   num Blocks in database buffers multiplied by database block size
dbSize DB Size num Size, in bytes, of the database
dbSpin -Spin num Specifies the number of times a process tries to acquire a latch before pausing
dbTainted Tainted (-F) char Indicates if entry into the database was forced
dbUpTime DB Up Time char Length of time the database server process has been running
deployType   char  
directIO -directio char Whether or not direct IO is enabled. In normal circumstances, it should never be enabled
excessIdx Excess Idx num -indexrangesize minus the highest actual index number
excessSHM -Mxs num The value of the shared-memory overflow area. The overflow area is appended to the shared memory area. If the overflow area is too small, the database engine exits
excessTbl   num -tablerangesize minus the highest actual table number
failClusters   char Is this database configured for Failover Clusters?
hashLatchFact -hashlatchfactor num Number of latches allocated for the Buffer pool Hash Table (BHT) entries as a percent of BHT size
hashPct -hash% num The number of hash table entries in the database memory buffers as a percentage of the total number of database memory buffers
hashTbl -hash num The number of hash table entries to use for the buffer pool
idxBase IdxStat Base num Lowest index number of the indexes being monitored statistically
idxRange IdxStat Range num Highest index number of indexes being monitored statistically
largeFiles Large Files char Indicates if the OS has been set to accept files larger than two gigabytes
lgFileDays   num Database log file age in days since last truncate
lgFileSize   num Database log file size
lkHash -lkHash num Size of the hash table that controls access to the lock table
lkTableSize Lock Tbl (-L) num Maximum allowable concurrent number of record locks
lkTblHWMpct   num Lock table High Water Mark as Percent of Lock Table size
lrgExtent   num Size of largest database extent
lru2Skips -lru2skips num The number of times to access a database alternative memory buffer before moving it to the end of the LRU chain
lruSkips -lruskips num The number of times to access a database memory buffer before moving it to the end of the LRU chain
maxConnect Sessions (-n) num Maximum number of concurrent connections to the database
maxMsg Max Msg (-Mm) num Specifies the standard message buffer size, in bytes. Message buffers are used to move records between the database and remote clients (client/server)
maxServers Maz Srvs (-Mn) num Maximum number of remote client servers that can be started on the system
memCheck -MemCheck char Enables memory overwrite checking for the buffer pool. Memory consistency check detects illegal operations in memory movement, such as a buffer copy with a negative length of data, or a memory move to an incorrect location. The purpose Memory consistency check is to prevent memory corruption
minCnx Min Cnx (-Mi) num Number of remote users on a server before the broker starts another server
nMsgWait -Nmsgwait num Number of seconds a server waits for a remote network message before checking for other events such as a database shutdown or forced disconnect of a remote client
numAreas # Ext Areas num Number of database areas
numExtents # of Extents num Number of database extents
numIdx # App Indexes num Number of indexes defined in the database
numLOBs # of LOBs num Number of Large Objects defined in the database
numTbl # App Tables num Number of Tables defined in the database
oeReplication OE Replication char Status of OE Replication use for this database
omSize -omsize num Size of the object cache for all database objects
pfDelay PF Delay char Enables a delay when sending the first network message for queries with prefetch capabilities
pfFactor PF Factor num Establish the percentage of a network message required to contain prefetched data before sending the message to a waiting remote client
pfNumRecs PF #Recs num Number of prefetch records to put in a network message before sending the message to a waiting remote client
pfPriority PF Priority num Utilizes a "pollskip" that adds n records to the network message of an in-process prefetch query without additional polling
pica -pica num The size of the database service communications area in kilobytes. The database service communications area is used to store after-image block write notifications intended for OpenEdge Replication
proBits   num  
proVersionAge DLC Age num Age of the version of Progress running this database
proVersionDate   char Date the running version of Progress was published
ptAsOf   char Date the running version of ProTop was built
ptVersion ProTop Version char Version of ProTop
recSpaceDepth -recspacesearchdep num How deep in the Record Free Chain to search, to find a block with enough free space to fit data, before allocating a new clusters worth of space instead from the Empty Chain where the Area High Water Mark (HWM) is raised
rpbSettings RPB Settings char Records per block setting
schemaUsed Schema Area char Has the schema area been used to store application data?
semSets -semsets num The number of semaphore sets available to the broker
sqlStats SQL upd stats num Age of the last run of “UPDATE STATISTICS”
sqlStatsStr SQL stats Age char String Version of Age of the last run of “UPDATE STATISTICS”
sqlStatsTS SQL stats TS char Date/Time stamp of the last run of "UPDATE STATISTICS"
tblBase TblStat Base num Lowest file number of the files being statistically monitored
tblRange TblStat Range num Highest file number of files being monitored statistically
unMonIdx Unmonitrd Idx num Number of Indexes not being monitored due to -indexrangesize too low
unMonTbl Unmonitrd Tbl num Number of Tables not being statistically monitored due to -tablerangesize too low
varBlks Var Size num  
warnAreas Areas Full num  
worstArea Worst Area num In areas with fixed extents, the area making the most use of its variable extent
xdbVersion DB Version char Progress version used to create this database (can be one behind the version of Progress running it)