df Data Collector

"df" Data Collector

For a detailed discussion of these metrics, see ProTop Real-Time - Disk Free Space (D).

To set up an alert on a metric listed here, make note of the Data Collector name at the top of this page, the Alertable Metric and Data Type from the table below and visit Alert Configuration.

Alertable Metric ProTop RT Label Data Type Description
tt_diskFree     (temptable name)
dev Device char Device name of the drive
fs-free Free (GB) num Amount of free space on the drive in gigabytes
fs-opts Mount Options char Drive is mounted with these options
fsPctUsed %Used num Amount of drive space in use expressed as a percentage of total drive size
fs-size Size (GB) num Size of the drive in gigabytes
fs-type FS Type char File system type
inode-free InodesFree num Number of inodes available
inode-num #Inodes num Number of inodes on the drive
inPctUsed %Inodes num Number of inodes in use as a percentage of the total number of Inodes
mnt Mount char Mount name of the drive