TableActivity Data Collector

"TableActivity" Data Collector

For a detailed discussion of these metrics, see ProTop Real-Time - Table Activity (t) and ProTop Trends - Table and Index Statistics.

To set up an alert on a metric listed here, make note of the Data Collector name at the top of this page, the Alertable Metric and Data Type from the table below and visit Alert Configuration.

Alertable Metric ProTop RT Label Data Type Description
tt_tblAct     (temptable name)
dbaAvgRow AvgRow num Average row(record) size
dbaFragPct Frag% num The degree of record fragmentation for each table.
dbaRecs #Records num Number of records in a table. Requires DB Analysis file in $PROTOP/dbanalys/friendlyName.dba
dbaRM RM Chain num Number of blocks in the RM Chain. Requires DB Analysis file in $PROTOP/dbanalys/friendlyName.dba
dbaScatter Scat num The degree of distance between records in the table.
tblAreaNum Area# num Number of the database area containing the table
tblCr Create num Number of records created
tblDl Delete num Number of records deleted
tblName Table Name char Name of the table
tblNum Tbl# num Unique table ID from Progress schema table _file
tblOSRd OS Read num Number of operating system reads
tblPool BX char Blocks are assigned to the primary buffer pool (B1) or alternate buffer pool (B2)
tblRd Read num Number of records read
tblTurn Churn num The ratio of record reads to the number of records in that table
tblUp Update num Number of records updated