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Outages Administration

Outages administration provides users with a calendar system to schedule outages or render planned outages inactive. Only outages of sites for which you are an administrator can be created or are displayed.

Here are the details:


Number Feature Description
1 Time period Allows users to select the range of time period displayed
2 < > Allows users to select the previous/next time period displayed
3   Description of the time period currently displayed
4 + Add Use this to Schedule and Outage (details below)
5 Export PDF Button to generate a PDF file of the time period currently displayed
6 Show inactive Button to toggle the display of outages marked as inactive
7 All Day This row shows day-long outages in Week and Day views
8 Outage Typical display of an outage
9 Show full day Button to toggle between displaying a full twenty-four hour day or only business hours (08:00 AM - 05:00 PM)

'X' Inactivate Icon

In the upper right corner of every active Outage entry is an 'x' which will change an active record to inactive. Clicking on this 'x' brings up a popup window asking the user to confirm the change. Once the change is made, the record will only appear if "Show inactive" button is enabled.


Field Description
Apply for all future occurrences in this series If the outage is a recurring outage, also make all future occurrences inactive

The "Add +" button : Schedule Outage

Allows users to create planned outages. Only outages of sites for which you are an administrator can be created.


Field Description
Site Site name (as found in [PROTOPDIR]/etc/custid.cfg)
Resources Resource
Start Time Start time
End Time End time
Timezone Time zone of the date/time entries
Recurrence How often the outage will occur
Description Text entry