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Starting ProTop Real-Time (RT)

Starting ProTop Real-Time (RT)

If ProTop is not installed, click here for the installation guide.

For UNIX-based systems

  1. Login to the server and change directories to the ProTop installation directory ($PROTOP).
  2. Run bin/protop with one argument. That argument should either be

    • A friendly name listed in etc/dblist.cfg. Example: bin/protop friendlyname
    • The full path and database name. Example: bin/protop /path/to/db/dbname

For Windows-based systems

On Windows there are two options:

  1. Open a Proenv window then follow the same instructions as listed above for UNIX-based systems.
  2. Create a desktop shortcut:

    • Open Windows File Explorer to the ProTop installation directory (%PROTOP%), then to the bin subdirectory
    • Double-click on mkscut.bat. This will create a desktop shortcut for ProTop
    • Right-click on the newly created icon and select "Rename" to give the shortcut a more meaningful name.
    • Right-Click again and select "Properties'
    • Select the "Shortcut" tab
    • Add the friendly name or full DB path to the end of the "Target:"
    • Click on "OK"
    • Test by double-clicking the shortcut.