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Starting ProTop Real-Time (RT)

How do I start the ProTop Real-Time CHUI (character user interface) monitoring tool?

If ProTop is not installed, click here for the installation guide.

For UNIX-based systems

  1. Login to the server and change directories to the ProTop installation directory ($PROTOP).
  2. Run bin/protop with one argument. That argument should either be

    • A friendly name listed in etc/dblist.cfg. Example: bin/protop friendlyname
    • The full path and database name. Example: bin/protop /path/to/db/dbname

For Windows-based systems

On Windows there are two options:

  1. Open a Proenv window then follow the same instructions as listed above for UNIX-based systems.
  2. Create a desktop shortcut:

    • Open Windows File Explorer to the ProTop installation directory (%PROTOP%), then to the bin subdirectory
    • Double-click on mkscut.bat. This will create a desktop shortcut for ProTop
    • Right-click on the newly created icon and select "Rename" to give the shortcut a more meaningful name.
    • Right-Click again and select "Properties'
    • Select the "Shortcut" tab
    • Add the friendly name or full DB path to the end of the "Target:"
    • Click on "OK"
    • Test by double-clicking the shortcut.

Setting a higher debug level for ProTop

At times you may need to troubleshoot ProTop or you may be instructed to gather more information about an issue you are having with ProTop by White Star Software.  Here are the different ways you can change the debug level for your ProTop session.

  1. cd to PROTOPDIR/tmp and:  "echo 3 > protop.friendlyName.dbg".  The next time you start ProTop RT against that friendlyName resource, it will begin with level 3 debug messaging.  This debug level will persist through subsequent use of ProTop RT for this resource until you remove the tmp/protop.friendlyName.dbg file.
  2. start ProTop RT against the resource you are concerned with and use the "&" command key. The ProTop Properties dialog box will appear and your cursor will be on the Debug Level field. Set the new debug level (like 3) and use ctrl-x (F1) to set the new value.  Use "&" again and set the Debug Level to 1 to revert the change or exit ProTop (q).
  3. start ProTop RT against the resource you are concerned with and use "escape-d". You will be prompted to set the Debug Level = dbMode.  Set it to a value above 1 taking into consideration the instructions on the screen.  

    NOTE: You may need to kill the protop session to exit (ctrl-\) higher debug levels.