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Data Collectors

Data Collectors

Data collection is provided by a series of programs in [PROTOPDIR]/dc, and the collection or not of data by the pt3agents is configured via the ptInitDC variable in [PROTOPDIR]/etc/pt3agent.[*].cfg.

For example, if you want the pt3agent to collect table statistics, add the Data Collector (DC) “TableActivity” to the ptInitDC variable in your pt3agent configuration file and restart the pt3agent by removing tmp/pt3agent.[*].flg file. The dbmonitor will restart the agent shortly.

The currently available data collectors are listed below. BOLD DCs are included by default in ptInitDC found in [PROTOPDIR]/etc/pt3agent.cfg.

Procedure Name Data Collector Name Gathers Statistics On
activetrx.p "ActiveTRX" Active transactions
aiinfo.p "aiInfo" AI information
appmon.p "appActivity" Generic application monitor
apsv.p "AppSrvStatus" Classic appserver monitor
area.p "StorageAreas" Storage areas
b2.p "B2" Alternate buffer pool
bigb.p "BigBGuesstimator" Not applicable to pt3agent
blocked.p "Blocked" Blocked clients
brokers.p "BrokerConfig" C/S broker configuration (11.6+)
cdcq.p "cdcq" Change Data Capture
chkpt.p "Checkpoints" Checkpoints
config.p "Configuration" Startup parameters and basic config
dashboard.p "Dashboard" Mix of global DB metrics
dbid.p "DBId" Database identity information
df.p "df" Disk space monitor
fileio.p "FileIOActivity" File IO activity
idxact.p "IndexActivity" Index activity
latch.p "LatchActivity" Latch activity
license.p "LicenseCfg" OpenEdge license information
lobact.p "LOBActivity" Large Object activity
netstat.p "netstat" Network activity
osinfo.p "OSInfo" Operating system info
pasoe.p "pasoeInfo" Progress AppServer for OpenEdge info
pro2mon.p "Pro2Activity" Pro2 Activity SUPERCEDED by Pro2 Queues
pro2qmon.p "Pro2Queues" Pro2 queues
replagent.p "ReplAgent" Replication monitoring
replication.p "ReplicationInfo" Not applicable to pt3agent
resrc.p "ResourceWaits" Resource waits
seq.p "SequenceActivity" Sequence activity
serverio.p "RemoteServerActivity" C/S activity
sql.p "SQLActivity" SQL activity
tblact.p "TableActivity" Table activity
tenant.p "TenantInfo" Not applicable to pt3agent
txe.p "TXE" TXE latch activity
uio.p "UserIOActivity" User IO activity
usersofidx.p "UsersOfIndex" Not applicable to pt3agent
usersoftbl.p "UsersOfTable" Not applicable to pt3agent
who.p "who" Not applicable to pt3agent